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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2013 3:30am-4:00am PST

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and welcome aboard commissioner haney. yeah, we do have a date set for monday, january 28. we don't have a location yet. but i can forward that once that is established. >> do you know the time? their meeting convenes at 6:30 and i think our spot will be at 7 or 7:30. >> thank you very much. all right, we will move on to public comment on consent items. i don't have any speaker cards for public comment on consent items. and you don't have any. all right. we will move on to the consent calendar. may i hear a motion. >> irvin and i and darleen and
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i. >> i have your cards under general comment. don't worry, president kelly, i did not forget about you. from one president to another. thank you. could i hear a second. >> move. second. >> any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? dr. crawford. >> good evening, commissioners, we have two connections. the first is to k-131-8223, on page 222. amended date of service should be december 26, 2012, to december 25, 2013. it's generally listed as 2013 to 2016. the second correction is to item 2 g, 131837, the name of the community listed should be
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changed from vision band, to oversight. one word. >> thank you. any items removed for first reading by the board? all right. any items severed by the board or superintendent for discussion or vote tonight? okay, i have one. i am going to sever item 2 c, 131-8 b 3, the audit. and later in the meeting, we will have the discussion on that item. >> roll call will take place. h, superintendent proposals. we have item 1212-11sp-1, adoption of board policy 6020 to
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conform with the current law and the findings of the audit. i believe that we have a reading by superintendent or designee. >> thank you, i would like to ask jill hooferdike to please present. >> good evening, we are requesting action of 1212 to confirm with the findings of the spring. >> okay, i have no speaker card for this item. are there any comments from the board or superintendent? vice president fewer. >> yes, i believe that the curriculum committee heard this policy. and i think we -- refresh my memory, it was a while ago that we gave a positive
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recommendation on to the board. yes. >> commissioner wynns. >> what we are doing to conform with current laws, what changes are we making and what do we otherwise not conform? >> we currently don't have an existing board policy entitled parent involvement. we don't have one at hall -- all. we are putting one in place to conform with the requirements. >> okay, roll call please. >> ly. >> yes. >> wong. >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> ma >> -- maufas. >> yes. >> dr. murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> there are no board member proposals this evening. we come to item j, that i suspect many of you have been waiting for.
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i have a number of speaker cards first and foremost from members of the creative art charter community. through prearrangement, we have agreed to give your community 20 minutes of public comment time. you may use that time however you wish. i have speaker cards from fernando aligar. elson brook. greene. stones. pavalar. yes, please. we will start timing at 20 minutes and let you know when time is up. >> good evening, am fernando agliar, the interim director of
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the charter school. i have been at ccsss for four years, and i am here to talk about the proposal to relocate golden gate middle school to the golden gate campus. this move will show what we have worked hard to build. in my opinion and many opinions you can't place a school on a campus with already 320 students. the majority k-5 students without many impacts. before i was an administrator, i was a teacher for five years. and every time that a student turned in a project, i would ask one question. is this the best you can do? the funny thing is, whether a second grader or eight grader, you got an honest response. if the answer was yes, i would say thank you, and accept the
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work. if the answer was no, i would say, i don't want it unless it's the best you can do. i want work that you are proud to say it's yours. and i would hand the work back to them and say try again. when i think of the proposal before us, i say, is this the best that the staff can do? and my response is no. i have asked friends and family members and no one has been able to make any sense of it. again is this the best work you can do? there are those who i have heard say, they can make it work. and sfusd staff members say they can fill the staff with more students than what is currently proposed? is that really what we think about our students? our children? our future? that they will be fine, that they will survive?
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i think we can all agree when we began our careers in education, we did it because children deserved better. to thrive and placed in situations to be successful. our jobs. mine, yours, are to remove those obstacles in front of them. and to do our best to give them that path to success. moving this will place a major obstacle in their way. these are students that have dealt with years of ada construction. and last year there was a fire and they were without a cafeteria and not to mention lost every book in the library. they have had to endure so much. and those who could help, and you are about to throw a huge
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obstacle in our way. i ask is this the best you can do? have you consulted with all parties? are you proud of the work you have done, and the decisions you are about to make? in my opinion unless you have received the answers that you are satisfied with, then you hand the work back to them and say, try again. [applause] >> good evening, i am melissa, the president of the board of creative arts charter school. i appreciate the opportunity to give comment. but really i would rather not be here. i am a lawyer and for all of my professional career, i have worked with public agencies. i would rather be sitting at a
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time to work out a reasonable solution that puts all obstacles on the table. but so far staff has not taken our concerns seriously. and to give one example, yesterday i looked at documents for public act requests. and one document was a summary of the golden gate campus and the summary of the creative arts and gateway for proposition 39. it gives the space of the campus and gives what looks look a long demand of space. and for gateway they asked for 13 classrooms. and when i read this, it looks like creative arts is asking for more than gateway. and i looked at their request, and they are asking for the same
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things that we are asking for. including an art room and teacher work room and many other things. and my purpose in bringing this up, is not to suggest that gateway's request are unreasonable. they are not, but only that staff created in this summary that creative arts is being unreasonable and unwilling to compromise. nothing could be further from the truth. we have made many compromises to be at the golden gate campus. when our school was moved there in 2005, the building was delapalated and many windows were boarded up and many were made out of plastic and you couldn't see out of them. and no working phones. and someone was shot and killed during school hours outside of
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our building. we put in a bullet-proof fencing at our own cost. and then we moved into a half-finished building because the annex was too damaged to use. and we have lived with constant pollution and construction caused by the ada upgrades. all the while our enrollment has grown and our students improved their academic performance. we are not willing to accept a proposal that is not in the viability of our school. as you know that creative arts in this plan, the school would grow to two classes per grade or 432 students. which is a reasonable size for k-8 school. so this issue is not going away at the end of this year. and what we are asking for is a
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meeting that has the specific goal of finding a viable solution that works for all parties involved. that creatreats creative art students the same as other student in san francisco, and resolves this problem not just for this year but for the future. thank you. [applause] >> hello, i am iana green, i have been attended creative charter arts school since kindergarten. i am currently in sixth grade. while we love gateway and we have done school sports and dances with them. and i feel that our school has a small campus, and if we had another school on our campus, it wouldn't be safe and we would feel squashed. and also i feel that the younger kids would feel powered over by
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the older kids. we would have more 6-8 kids than k kids. and i know in kindergarten, i felt powered by the older kids. and i noticed that not a lot of people having saying this. but i notice that kids my age have been experimenting with inappropriate words and phrases. and having doubled those kids, would have higher the cause of the younger kids hearing those phrases and saying them. which is not super safe. i want to protect younger kids. my younger brother, cole, who is in third grade and our family friend, samoan, who is in first grade. every since -- at ccas, we have the younger kids interact with the younger, so we feel more
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like a family. with the older kids, that may take that feeling away. every since the fire that happened a year ago, our school has been under construction. it was under construction before that but when this is done, we can use that to make the school grow. i am in a class in sixth grade and we barely have a hallway and our area is squashed and not comfortable. i hope you take what i say under consideration, because our school needs the space. and while gateway is a nice school, we feel it wouldn't be safe for both schools to be here. we need space to grow. thank you. [applause] >> hi, i am skate stone.
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a 32-year teacher. and i am in my 13th year at creative art school. i am here to ask for dialogue. for all parties to sit down and discuss this complicated issue. we are not looking for a conflict with gateway middle school. we support them, we think it's a great institution. we support their desire to grow. and to achieve their full potential. creative arts is asking for the same consideration. we want to grow. we want to reach our full potential. and we feel like this issue, because in a year, one of these schools will have to move anyway. after next school year. we are asking for dialogue. to be able to sit down and discuss all the issues with all the parties concerned. so we can all move forward to our best potential in the future. i would like to introduce my
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colleague, brook navel. >> hi, everyone. thanks for hearing our comments. i want to speak as skate did on behalf of the entire unionized creative art and faculty. as you all, we want the best for our school and gateway as well. we are hoping to find a more long term situation for both schools. as iona so elegantly stated, one of the important things about creative arts is the feeling. and every year our eighth graders are sent off by the same of kindergartens they welcomed, we are a family, we are a community. there is a life cycle that happens at our school.
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the little kids look forward to be older schools and to have the responsibilities to mentor. and younger children to serve as book buddies, and to be excellent role models. my fear that with 300 older students our campus, we are going to tip the balance for the younger students versus the older students. of course i have a personal interest in this, i am a kindergarten and first grade teacher. and some of my students came in hearing about tonight's meeting. and some concerns they brought up was the fact that it will always be noisy. our classroom is on the south side of the building that faces the yard. there will be always be noise. and in terms of our lunch schedule, what would happen with 600 students at the same campus? would we eat lunch at 10 o'clock in the morning? and our school is a
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constructivist project based school. we no longer will have space for our experimentation or projects if we are colocated with another school. and closing, one thing that i love about our school, i am able to greet every student by name. and most of their fams -- families by well. if more students come to our community, it would lose that feeling of family. i ask you to look at possible solutions for our school and gateway. thank you very much. [applause] >> my name is paul velor. and if it pleases the board, i would like to speak as a nearby resident, the charter school. some suggestions. i can't disagree at all with the things you have heard from the
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academic. as an educator, i can attest to having lived across the street from the two school locations for a good number of years. i know every fall when the kids arrive. and i hear a very familiar voice, i believe his name is ron. out on the playground at all hours of the day. leading the kids in organized play. it brings back every fall, great memories. what i am here to do is address the issues and concerns of the residents. not one of us, and i live directly across the street at 1515 golden gate avenue. not one of the seven sisters, we are referred to as one of the 10 orphans. we are some of the oldest buildings in san francisco, our homes were built in 1875. there were no driveways and no
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cars. and today down golden gate avenue as each of you and london breed, you still live down the street from us. and is very familiar with what shall i say, the politics of the things going on. but i am concerned. for the past period of time that the school has been under renovation, there have been trucks as far as the eye can see. it seems like on golden gate. there have been cars parked. we do not have prohibition against parking. there is no fee that is paid to be there for a certain period of time. so people come and leave their cars. i have seen a car sit for two and three weeks at a time. they would prefer to pay the ticket when the weekly clean-up goes. rather than have to move the car. i see them park the car and take
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their bicycles and head downtown. and with all of that going on, not only the existing school. but you add 300 students and the cars that would be on golden gate avenue. just the other day at around 3:15, i pulled off the scott on to golden gate. and from the pedestrian walk at scott to the pedestrian walk at pierce, there was a line of cars. all the curb was full. there was a line of cars, and on the other side of the street down from my house a couple of buildings. was the ecology truck. the red-light chasers were coming head on while i was trying to pull into by driveway. from three lanes to one lane. guess who had to take a pass to get in their driveway. i had to go around the block.
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but my point is to talk to the alamo homeowners association, which i am a member. talk to the people that live in that neighborhood. none of us have been consulted, none of us have had a voice in any of this. there are people, the demographics of the neighborhood are changing dramatically. it's not only known as alamo square but also mopeds, and they own cars so they have a get-away opportunity. and it's not in the student's best interest to be a part of that chaos. we keep our fingers crossed. i have witnessed some very close calls. and with the 300 more students, i keep my fingers crossed. i hope that you give some
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thought to the decisions that you have ahead of you, thank you. [applause] >> thank you, the district has not properly considered the prop 39 and the facilities. i do not think that the district has analyzed how co-locating a middle school impacts the facility requirement. i know of no other k-8 school with a k-8 ratio that will occur with this co-location. nor do i believe that the yard space is sufficient on a per student basis to support a co-location on prop 39. i think that the administration
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needs to go back and look the numbers because i don't think it meets the numbers of equivalent. i ask you to give ccsc to grow and to look at alternatives for the reasons you heard and also because i don't think it will be legally compliant. >> one second, was that time? >> 30 seconds. >> i am kate, i was here last month. and i am here to ask you not to co-locate gateway middle school on the creative art campus. doing that will increase, there will be 400 middle school students and 200 elementary school students. i have a small kid, that makes me nervous. it's not in the best interest of of our community. like brook said, we are a
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family. i am a new kindergarten family. and i feel that the community is a family. please work with us. to find a solution for all schools. thank you. [applause] >> president norton, from one vice president to a president. >> thank you. i am susan solomon, executive vice president of ucff, i have an opportunity to work with creative charter school as they became members of ucff. i know them well. when thinking about co-locating schools. i urge you to recall the enormo enormous difficulties with past attempts with william h. cobb and mont tessori school.
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and horace mann and that charter school. please listen to the communities. this is not about pitting the two schools against each other but giving them the opportunity to do what they need to do. thank you. >> all right, now we have speakers on substitute teacher issues. i have dennis kelly. bart lancelotti. >> good evening members of the board of education. congratulations new vice president fewer. don't mean to interrupt you while you are eating. and of course president norton,
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i believe president of the school board is the highest that anyone norton has risen since joshua crowned himself emperor. >> there is hope for me yet. >> we are talking about substitutes and like san francisco the sub -- substitutes are part of the union. they keep the classes going when teachers cannot be present. substitutes are the vice presidents for every teacher ready to step in and carry on if an emergency occurs. substitutes are the relief pitcher in the baseball of education. substitutes are the understudies to the teachers that star on stage.
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in california there are several categories of substitutes. we will talk about core substitutes and return to other substitute issues at future meetings. thank you very much. [applause] >> good evening, i am irvin. i am one of 15 core substitute teachers. we work at schools often covering the most difficult classrooms in the district. core substitutes are credentialed and certified. or average time in the district serves the district well. principals and teachers trust and appreciate us for our experience in classroom management. our high expectations are student learning. and because we keep


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